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Version: 20170101
Release Date: 1st January 2017
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Now with partitioning on all layers and pre-processing functions on the grid, the network and on individual nodes. The learning rate and the momentum can adapt for maximum speed while the network is learning.

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Used for forward planning, investment, insurance, valuation, travel, clinical testing, results prediction, climate modeling and much more.

With EasyNN-plus complex data analysis is fast and simple.  Prediction, classification and time series projection is easy.  Create the EasyNN-plus data grids from text, csv, spreadsheet, image or binary files.  Produce multi layer neural networks from the grids.  Networks with numeric, text, image or combinations of data types are created automatically or manually using the network editor.  Train, validate and query EasyNN-plus neural networks with just a few button pushes.  See the diagrams, graphs and the input / output data displayed in detail.  Watch the nodes, the connections, the graphs and the results being updated while the network learns your data.  EasyNN-plus can interwork with other applications using the built in Script and Macro facilities.

Forecast the future with the SwingNN multiple neural network system

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